At Abbassi Law Firm, we have substantial depth of experience helping clients in many different situations relating to divorce,probate, trust and estate disputes .we are fully prepared to help you if your case involves any of the below situations.


Trust and will litigation involve complex legal validity assessments, often triggered by a testator’s or settlor’s passing, entangling beneficiaries, trustees, and executors. At Abbassi Law Firm, our Civil Litigation expertise spans diverse cases, emphasizing tailored attention to detail, navigating intricacies efficiently, ensuring clients’ unique needs are met in this specialized legal field.


Divorce is one of the most challenging obstacles for any family, whether there is fault or not in your case, nearly 50% of couples across the United States go through a divorce or 9% from the State of California alone.
Attorney Abbassi’s goal is to stay strong, advocate and fight for your side of the story , diligently making sure you are protected amongst adversaries. Abbassi Law Firm ensures that all the legal documents, the property settlement, finances and child support and custody are handled diligently.

Civil Litigation

Every Civil Litigation case is unique, which is why Abbassi Law Firm caters with close attentiveness to the series of steps it takes for a successful case result. Civil matters covered by Abbassi Law Firm includes cases for business torts, property disputes, and probate litigations. While each situation may vary in civil law, Attorney Abbassi carefully reviews these matters at top priority, simplifying the process of expenses, discoveries, evidence, and agreements within pretrial stages.

Estate Planning & Probate Law

Doing your Estate Planning, we understand that the conversation of funds distribution, beneficiaries, and complex documents can be difficult to discuss. Working with beneficiaries and trustees are the process that Attorney Abbassi thrives to handle, while avoiding unnecessary experiences. Attorney Abbassi provides clients with the legal tools to avoid probates, save the estate taxes, and insure long-term care for their loved ones through exceptional measurable service.


If you are an immigrant in need of adjusting your status, the State of California ensures that you have access to legal help, regardless of your documentations status. We at Abbassi Law Firm help you to obtain your desired status in a reasonable time.