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Evane (Donya) K. Abbassi, JD, LLM ​

Our managing attorney Evane K. Abbassi (Donya), is an engineer who has a doctorate and post doctorate degrees in law. She has been working with many prominent, high net worth families all over the U.S. and has been helping clients establish their family legacies. Evane K. Abbassi created the Abbassi Law Firm to leave her own legacy here in California and is excited about the law firm’s success.

In her spare time, Evane Abbassi loves to read and has a good size home library which she is proud of. She enjoys power walking and biking, and in the winter, she loves skiing. She also loves traveling; her latest trips have been to Hawaii and the Grand Canyon. On the weekends – if she isn’t working – she is taking short day trips to San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara or the Carmel areas.

Evane K. Abbassi: Lawyer of Distinction

Lawyers of Distinction range from not only attorneys across the U.S. but across the globe, and are specially nominated through a prestigious selection process. From a categorical test on knowledge of practice and achievements to ethical behavior and a final selection, attorney Abbassi was among the few who garnered this exclusive award.

Every client deserves personalized legal care and an

attorney that gives the client his/her undivided attention.

– Evane K. Abbassi JD, LLM –

Office located in Woodland Hills, CA

Abbassi Law Firm is located in the heart of Woodland Hills, California in the beautiful Trillium Towers. We serve many counties throughout the state and previously served clients in San Francisco and Sacramento! Below are just some of the countries we serve:

Los Angeles County

Kern County

Riverside County

San Diego County

Ventura County


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